Tiberius projects

A site managed by Tiberius is a folder containing a tiberius.cfg file. For now, the source data for the website is located in specific subfolders inside the project directory. In the future other sources may be added.

Directory structure

The root directory contains the following subfolders:

Contains source files that will be converted to pages.
Contains HTML templates available to all pages and templates.
Contains HTML templates used to encapsulate content files.
Contains assets that are copied as-is to the generated website.
Contains the generated website (document root).

Tiberius only writes data to the export folder, the others are read-only.


Settings in the tiberius.cfg file are in TOML format:

title = "My awesome website"
address = "https://my-base-url.com"
description = "Website generated by Tiberius"
language = "en"

You can also add custom data, available for use in templates:

twitter = https://twitter.com/foo

There’s also support for simple hooks to generate related stuff at build time.