Social sharing buttons without the trackers

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We seem to live in the golden age of social media: Sharing every useless article you’ve read with the world is important. Most visitors are of the lazy kind, though, so we need to make this as easy as possible. Fortunately, social media sites provide us with widgets to do exactly that! Phew, we’re done here, right? ..right?

The problem with these widgets is that we also allow social media companies to follow our visitors. The primary source of revenue for these companies is advertising. Knowing which sites their members visit is a valuable asset. But we don’t want evil corporations to spy on our visitors, do we? The solution for this problem was invented in 1993, and is called a hyperlink. It was designed to send people from one page to the next.

Not convinced yet? Well, this probably means you don’t value your visitors enough. But there is another reason: Social sharing widgets slow down your website. Every widget has to be loaded from an external website, causing a new HTTP request. Hyperlinks just sit there, waiting to be clicked!

Last but not least, social sharing hyperlinks can be styled as you wish. Widgets are a pain in the ass to integrate in your website. Most websites simply have them all together in a box. Choose your own social media icon for your links, or use my Social media vectors.

So, where do you need to link?